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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Today, when most of us need something, whether it’s an answer, an idea, a plan, or a service, we turn to search engines. Every day, Google receives 3.5 billion searches. So, just as search engines have become a vital part of our lives, they have also become an integral part of many corporate marketing efforts. In fact, 49% of marketers believe that organic search is the best ROI channel.

Organic search is simply a fancy word for regular, non-ad search engine results, and marketers use organic search as a marketing channel by optimizing their websites for search engines, or search engine optimization (seo).

In simple terms, seo is the process of upgrading your website in order to boost its visibility in various search engines. The right application of seo services is the finest solution for both lead generation and branding.

Seo can also be defined as a set of practices aimed at improving the visibility, placement, and usability of various forms of content in organic search results. Web pages, video media, photos, local company listings, and other assets can all be included in this content. Because organic search is the most popular way for people to find and access online material, implementing professional search engine optimization services is critical for ensuring that the digital content you produce can be found and chosen by the public, hence improving your website’s organic traffic.

To summarize, search engine optimization is a collection of technological and content methods aimed at aligning a website page with a search engine’s ranking algorithm so that it may be easily located, crawled, indexed, and surfaced in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant queries.


How Does Search Engine Optimization Work in an SEO Company in Bangalore?


Understanding how SEO works requires a fundamental understanding of how search engines work. Crawlers (also known as spiders or bots) are used by search engines to collect information from the internet and create large databases known as “indices.” Crawlers start with a well-known web page and then follow links from that page to other pages.

For example, if a page on Patagonia.com about used clothes contains internal connections to other pages on the site about used coats, used hiking boots, and used flannel shirts, Google can crawl to those pages via the links supplied. Meanwhile, if Patagonia’s main used clothing page connects to a post on TheGuardian.com about the negative effects of fast fashion, Google can crawl from Patagonia to the news piece via the link, detecting and potentially indexing that content.

The content of the discovered page, as well as the context of the links followed by the crawler from Patagonia to The Guardian, help Google understand what the page is about and how it relates to the other pages in its index.

If you are the journalist who wrote The Guardian’s article on fast fashion, the fact that a large brand’s used outdoor clothing section is linking to your piece indicates to Google that there may be a link between the problems of fast fashion and the potential solution of buying used clothing rather than new clothing. These semantic relationships go a long way toward assisting Google in determining which results to display for each query received from the searching public.

The viability of search engines as businesses is dependent on the public finding search engine results relevant to their needs. The more links a search engine like Google discovers pointing from a specific type of content to a specific resource, the more confident the search engine believes that the linked-to resource is relevant to specific search queries. When individuals make certain inquiries, the search engine determines that this content deserves to be ranked highly.

Benefits of Seo Services

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Here are some benefits of SEO:


More website traffic: When you hire seo services from an seo company in bangalore, it receives more traffic, which translates to higher brand awareness. This increased visibility not only attracts more people but also improves brand identification. Businesses can reach a larger audience by ranking higher in relevant searches, resulting in increased brand awareness and potential customer engagement. This is one of the most important benefits of seo.

More customers: To be optimized, your site must target keywords—the terms your ideal customers/visitors are searching for—which means you’ll get more relevant traffic. An seo company in bangalore may help you attract every user with intent at any time, regardless of where they are in the customer journey. It uses keywords and phrases to direct visitors to certain items and services. Businesses can develop a list of keywords for which they want to rank and then create content based on those keywords.

Rank higher in local searches: Users are increasingly using local seo searches to find products or services “near me.” An seo company in bangalore can boost its listings in these searches by creating a Google My Business account and optimizing the listing for local searches. Along with that, and the website’s localized content, a user is more likely to see local search results in their queries.

Understand the web environment: Users that keep up with the ever-changing internet will be better able to perform a website’s ongoing SEO needs. Businesses that stay up to date can better grasp how search works and make more educated judgments about how to improve and adapt their strategies using SEO services.

Relatively inexpensive: In order to establish a good SEO strategy, businesses must invest time and resources. There are organizations that are engaged to handle the tactics as SEO experts. Hire an SEO company in Bangalore, the startup hub of India and you will be able to get expert SEO services from the best in business.

Obtain quantifiable results: Tools and analytics data can be used to assess the efficiency of SEO activities. Google Analytics may provide detailed information on organic traffic. Data covers pages visited by clients as well as search terms. This data can then be cross-referenced with desired activities to determine how SEO influenced consumer engagement or acquisition.

Better reputation: A better Google ranking provides your company with instant credibility. People will trust you if Google does. Sites that rank high on SERPs are thought to be of the best quality and most reliable. The results on the first page are the most relevant, giving the business or website greater trust. 

Provides a competitive advantage: When expert SEO services provided by a SEO company in Bangalore are routinely utilized, those who do it more and better will outrank the competitors. Many businesses believe they cannot afford not to appear on the first page of search results. However, if a team works toward that aim and outperforms the opponent, they will have a competitive advantage.

Higher ROI: You invest money in your website and marketing activities that link to your website pages. A high-performing website enhances the results of those campaigns, making your investment in an SEO company in Bangalore worthwhile.

So, if you want greater brand awareness, internet visibility, leads, sales, or loyal customers, hiring services from an SEO company in Bangalore is the way to go.


Leads & Feeds: The Best SEO Company in Bangalore




Leads and Feeds is a dynamic and client-focused digital marketing agency that specializes in professional search engine optimization in marketing. By enhancing your digital presence and boosting organic traffic to your websites, we aim to catapult businesses to the forefront of online success.

Our SEO strategy is based on thorough research, technological competence, and a thorough understanding of search engine algorithms.

What distinguishes us from any other SEO company in Bangalore is our dedication to customization. We recognize that every business is unique and that cookie-cutter solutions will not suffice. We collaborate closely with our clients to customize our SEO services to their individual goals, target audience, and industry intricacies. We provide a bespoke approach that corresponds with your objectives, whether you need local SEO, e-commerce optimization, or nationwide awareness.

Our on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO services will propel your website to the top of search engine results pages. Your competitors will be left in the dust with our top SEO optimization services.

  • Our on-page seo services guarantee that your website is optimized with the correct keywords, meta descriptions, and content that search engine crawlers will find appealing. We then optimize the on-page features of your website to ensure that it is search engine friendly, user-friendly, and provides an amazing user experience.
  • Through content marketing, social media engagement, and influencer outreach, our off-page SEO services help us establish high-quality backlinks and cultivate a strong online presence for your brand. In addition, our staff is continually monitoring and analyzing website performance with modern analytics tools in order to adapt and optimize our plan for optimum impact.
  • Our technical SEO services go deep into the coding of your website to guarantee that it runs smoothly and properly. We’ll use our magic to resolve any technical issues that are preventing you from reaching the top of the SERPs.

We feel that SEO is more than merely getting higher rankings in search engines. It’s all about providing a fantastic user experience that will keep your customers returning for more. We are more than simply a search engine optimization agency in India, we are your digital growth partners, committed to delivering significant results and assisting your company in thriving in the ever-changing online market.


Types of SEO Services Provided by Leads & Feeds: The Best SEO Company in Bangalore


Types of Search Engine Optimization Services
Following are the SEO services that we offer:


Technical SEO

  • Use GSC’s “Inspect URL” feature: To investigate and troubleshoot specific URL issues, we use Google Search Console.
  • Check that your website is mobile-friendly: We make sure your design is responsive for a consistent user experience on mobile devices.
  • Check the loading speed of your website: Improve site speed for increased user engagement and SEO ranking.
  • Check that you are utilizing HTTPS: For trust and search engine favor, we secure your website with HTTPS.
  • Locate and correct crawl errors: Identify and fix any issues that are preventing search engine bots from crawling your site.
  • Examine the page depth: Make certain that critical content is not buried too deeply inside the structure of your website.
  • Examine your website for duplicate versions: We avoid duplicate content issues for an improved SEO experience.
  • Identify and repair damaged links: Resolve broken links to provide a pleasant user experience.
  • Use a URL structure that is SEO-friendly: Create keyword-rich URLs for improved search exposure.
  • Find and repair orphaned pages: Ensure that all pages are linked to the primary structure of your website.
  • Examine the canonical tags: To avoid duplicate content indexing, we use canonical tags.
  • Include structured data: We use schema markup to improve search results.
  • Correct duplicate, missing, and truncated title tags: Page titles are optimized for search engine relevance.
  • Find and correct duplicate and missing meta descriptions: We enhance meta descriptions to increase click-through rates.
  • Find and correct multiple H1 tags: By resolving superfluous H1 tags, we ensure optimal HTML structure.
  • Improve the title and meta tags, as well as the page content: Improve on-page features for better SEO performance.
  • Conduct a content audit and prune content as follows: We get rid of any low-quality or irrelevant content.
  • Compress photos, apply alt tags, and improve load speeds to increase SEO.
  • Topic clusters are organized to optimize site structure and SEO.
  • Determine and correct keyword cannibalization: Resolve conflicts where numerous pages target the same keywords.
  • Keep obsolete information fresh and relevant to preserve search rankings.
  • Improve content readability: Make information more readable to improve user experience.
  • Install Google Analytics: Monitor the performance of your website as well as user activity.
  • Install and set up a WordPress SEO plugin: WordPress plugins might help you simplify SEO duties.
  • Create and submit a sitemap to assist search engines in discovering and indexing the pages on your website.
  • Make a file called Robots.txt: Limit search engine access to select areas of your website.
  • Manual actions can be found in Search Console: We check that your website follows Google’s criteria.
  • Check that your website is indexed: Check to see if search engines have indexed your pages.

Keyword Research

  • Determine your competitors: Determine your online competition in order to develop a targeted SEO strategy.
  • Perform a keyword analysis: Compare your keywords to competitors to identify opportunities.
  • Determine your main money keywords’: Determine the most important keywords for SEO optimization.
  • Look for long-tail keyword variations: Find specialized, less competitive keywords to target with your content.

On-Page SEO and Content

  • Correct duplicate, missing, and truncated title tags: For SEO optimization, we make sure your title tags are original, full, and relevant.
  • Find and correct duplicate and missing meta descriptions: Create engaging meta descriptions to increase click-through rates.
  • Find and correct multiple H1 tags: Excess H1 headings are removed to maintain proper HTML structure.
  • Improve the title and meta tags, as well as the page content: Improve on-page components to increase SEO relevancy and user engagement.
  • Conduct a content audit and prune content as follows: To improve site quality, we remove low-quality or outdated information.
  • Image SEO optimization: Images are compressed, labeled, and optimized to improve site performance and visibility.
  • Topic clusters should be organized as follows: Group related content together to improve site structure and SEO.
  • Determine and correct keyword cannibalization: When numerous pages target the same keywords, resolve conflicts.
  • Replace any outdated content: We maintain search rankings by keeping the information fresh and relevant.
  • Increase the readability of your content: Increase user satisfaction by making the material more accessible and entertaining.

Off-Page SEO

  • Examine your rival’s link profile: We learn about competition backlinks to gain strategic information.
  • Take advantage of your competitors’ broken backlinks: Reclaim your site’s broken rival backlinks.
  • Use the Skyscraper technique: Produce high-quality content to obtain high-quality backlinks.
  • Convert unlinked mentions to links: We turn brand remarks into useful backlinks.
  • Install and configure Google My Business: Increase your local SEO and visibility on Google Maps.
  • Perform a link intersect analysis: Identify link-building chances by crossing competitors’ links.
  • Make use of digital PR: Earn backlinks and visibility by promoting your brand through internet PR.

Process of SEO Optimization Services


Process of SEO


Understanding Your Business

To grab new clients in the online market, you need a speedier strategy, which demands higher visibility and the correct optimization tools. To increase your rankings, there are a few key elements to consider. Leads & Feeds, the top SEO company in Bangalore, understands precisely what you require to have a strong business presence in the digital market.

Finding Useful Keyword Research for Your Company

Keywords are extremely crucial in attracting clients online. To bring value to your organization, our professionals employ the best SEO optimization services to analyze high-priority keywords that are both long and short-tail. Keywords are mostly utilized to emphasize services and products, and no one understands this better than a SEO company in Bangalore.

Optimizing Website For Target Audience

Your business must attract a niche market’s target audience, and an SEO company in Bangalore has the greatest tools to help you do so. Making your website a pleasant experience for visitors will help you attract a lot more. As search engines’ algorithms evolve, we optimize your website to keep what’s relevant up to date.

Technical SEO

A fascinating aspect of digital marketing because it enhances crawling. To put it simply, it is the improvement of everything except content optimization and link building. As a result, our mission continues to alter in accordance with search engine regulations so that your website has no trouble driving your online presence.

On-Page Optimization

To increase website traffic, you must be creative in your digital marketing strategies. As a result, the inclusion of accurate materials such as HTML tags, headlines, and photographs is critical. We employ a unique and creative technique that will set your website out from the competition.

Off-Page Optimization

As an SEO company in Bangalore, we excel at developing client relationships and connecting with new customers. Our teams handle everything from social media management to backlinks to promotions and more, allowing you to establish a more trustworthy and authoritative image for your website.

Local SEO Optimization

Along with capturing the global market, you must also engage with your local clients. Because those approaches may go to the ground level of local businesses, SEO optimization can be done to acquire more traffic, conversions, and leads. Our efficient techniques can assist you in growing and eventually becoming prominent on SERPs.

Structured Data Integration

All of the information on your website will be systematically organized on the webpage tags with specific groups so that the information is comprehensible by search engines. We know exactly what searchers want and how they want it when they visit your website.

AMP Implementation

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a framework for making mobile pages load faster. As an SEO company in Bangalore, we have just what you need to provide users with faster page loading rates and excellent performance. With the help of AMP implementation, you may make simple improvements and provide your users with a positive mobile experience.

Suggestion for UI/UX

Both UX and UI will help your website and application succeed by making it easy for users. They are applied to provide customer satisfaction and to increase the number of visitors by gaining their trust and improving the recognition of your brand. They are critical components in the development of brand value.

Penalty Removal

Penalty elimination is critical for your digital presence because it can hinder growth and lead to future attempts to be punished due to negative SEO. As an SEO company in Bangalore, we employ sophisticated ways to eliminate Google penalty strategies to get your business back on track quickly.

Google Business Listing SEO

Local Listing: When people search for your business on Google, they want to locate it closest to them. We can help them find it by updating content and engaging more people in your business. In this case, we evaluate relevance, prominence, and distance so that the user can find you as a match.


How to Choose the Best SEO Company in Bangalore?


Here are some tips for choosing the best SEO expert in Bangalore:


  • Content should be structured based on the nature of the business.
  • According to Leads & Feeds, the top SEO company in Bangalore, it is necessary to cross-check any claims made by an SEO expert or agency.
  • Look for a newer project, meaning one with SEO implementations within the last year. Any customer shown by an SEO company in Bangalore that is 3 to 4 years old is good, but a new project is also necessary to grasp the search engine optimization skills.
  • You must assess the competitiveness of the keyword results provided by the SEO company in Bangalore.
  • One simple technique to assess your SEO company in Bangalore is to see whether they are ranking for an SEO agency in Bangalore or similar keywords in their area.
  • How can a corporation rate others if it cannot rank its own website? In rare situations, an SEO specialist may be a freelancer who has not previously worked for this website.

As the phrase goes, “lead by example.” Unless the SEO company in Bangalore ranks at the top of the search engine organically, it is unlikely that such an agency will rank your company. A word of caution: there are many top-ranked search engine optimization companies in Bangalore that rely on advertising strategies. These consume your marketing budget while failing to get the intended effects and do not provide a long-term answer. Google Ads are only available for a limited time, may or may not attract the correct audience, and can cost a fortune in the long run.

However, being the best SEO company in Bangalore, Leads & Feeds can supply you with profitable SEO solutions for long-term benefits. Our team ensures that the plans and solutions implemented are in line with the client’s expectations.

There are numerous organizations that offer misleading promises to promote your company to the top of the market’s SERP page. You can always confirm its position by looking at their Google rating to determine where they stand and where they might take your website in the future. For a long time, we have been at the top of our search engine page.

To sum it up, your success potential can be readily unlocked with Leads & Feeds, a highly regarded SEO company in Bangalore! Call us right now to schedule an appointment and scale up your business with expert SEO solutions from Leads & Feeds’ most passionate and devoted digital marketers!


How are we different from any other SEO Company in Bangalore?


Bangalore is the state capital of Karnataka. It is India’s business and financial center. The city is among India’s top GDP growth cities. There is a nexus of technology parks such as Bagmane Techpark, Ecopace Bellandur, Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Manyata Tech Park, and others that serve as the business center for numerous enterprises. As a result, Bangalore is the greatest location in India for business companies. But the question is, how will professional search engine optimization services benefit your Bangalore business?

As we all know, millions of people use the internet on their computers and smartphones. 90% of people spend their entire day online. Everyone has come to rely on the internet to find the greatest local SEO services and products. Many individuals in Bangalore use Google to find specific services and products in their city. As a result, increasing your company’s internet presence is the ideal way to reach out to the local Bangalore populace with your products and services.

Seo services are the only approach to boost your company’s online presence. It is the process of increasing your website’s online visibility on search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for your target keywords. It increases traffic to your website and generates more business leads. As a result, our seo experts will assist you in increasing your company’s online visibility and generating qualified business prospects.

We at Leads & Feeds are a team of SEO experts who will assist you in increasing the rating of your website on Google’s first page. In terms of SEO services, we vary from other digital marketing firms. We oppose disrespectful backlinking and keyword stuffing.  Our search engine optimization and SEO services are based on the most recent Google algorithms and white hat SEO approaches. As a result, we guarantee first-page placement in Google and other search engines. We have a team of professional SEO experts with years of expertise in search engine optimization. We offer 100% organic and results-oriented SEO services.

Our search engine optimization methodology begins with keyword research and competitive analysis. First, we research your company’s industry and customers. Then, we look for the ideal business keywords for your company and devise a search engine optimization strategy for ranking on top of target business keywords and beating the competition. Within 30 days, you will see an increase in your website’s internet visibility.

As previously said, we do not believe in black hat seo practices such as irreverent backlinking, keyword stuffing, or spamming. All of our seo optimization services are based on Google algorithms and white hat seo approaches. Keyword research, Site structure optimization, HTML coding optimization, on-page seo & off-page seo, XML Sitemap, Robots txt file, and more search engine optimization services are available from us. So those are the major reasons why we are the best and unique seo company in bangalore.


The Benefits of Teaming Up With Leads & Feeds: The Best SEO Company in Bangalore


Leads & Feeds is your one-stop shop for the best SEO company in Bangalore! Leads and Feeds can propel you to the top of search engine results! It is critical to be at the top of the list in today’s highly competitive world. Your competitors are always waiting to take control, whether it’s the search engine or wherever else. In such a case, selecting the correct SEO tactics and adhering to them in order to comply with the algorithms can be important. The appropriate agency is critical to the growth of your company.

Leads & Feeds is a team of search engine optimization experts with years of experience. We can assist you in expanding your web business. Our seo strategy is focused on competitor analysis and the best keyword research, so your website will rank for the most searchable terms for your business and you will receive more business leads. There are several advantages to using our SEO services, which are listed below.

  • First Page Rank on Google within the specified time frame.
  • The website will be ranked based on the most popular search terms.
  • Being visible at the top of search engines will generate more business leads.
  • There will be no black hat or other spam activities on your site.
  • We are a team of SEO specialists with years of expertise.
  • We are up to date on the most recent search engine rules. So go 100% organic and use white hat SEO tactics.
  • We offer 100% result-oriented and ROI services.
  • We provide complete search engine optimization solutions that address all areas of your company’s branding and lead conversions.
  • Our SEO services are regarded as one of the greatest offers in the industry for customers seeking dependable, organic, and regular traffic for their company.
  • We have worked on SEO projects in a variety of industries, including education and e-commerce.

So if you want to get the best SEO results & scale up your business to the next level then mail us at info@leadsandfeeds.com.


How do I determine if my website requires SEO services?

A detailed discussion with Leads & Feeds’, the best seo company in bangalore can provide you with the answer. Yes, as part of our discovery session, you will receive a complete report outlining what your website is lacking in order to rank first on the SERP page and how you can improve it. Sign up with Leads & Feeds right now to monitor the seo health of your website.

What issues does SEO address?

Seo can assist a business solve numerous marketing challenges, such as boosting traffic to websites, generating leads, and eventually landing new prospects every month or so. Seo can be a game changer for firms that do not have an online presence and do not have a large monthly ad expenditure. Seo also addresses the issue of brand recognition in the market among competitors who aren’t leveraging the power of search engine optimization.

How effective is SEO?

Seo has been around for two decades and is continually expanding and altering to keep up with Google’s algorithm improvements. Seo is more successful than ever before, as more consumers look online for answers to their questions rather than phoning a professional. Google’s algorithm returns the best search results for a query than any other entity on the planet. As a result, seo is regarded as the most important part of a digital marketing strategy.

How important is SEO in marketing?

SEO is one of the most significant aspects of marketing since it helps link your site to the correct audience. SEO fosters an adaptive culture by always improving techniques to keep ahead of the competition. Seo services make it easier for internet prospects to locate what they are looking for, which is what you provide. Google advertising is one of the most successful ways to increase a website’s visibility in our search results. If you want more people to see your website through a search engine, it is best to adopt SEO tactics that will help you rank and increase the credibility of your organization.

Can I use SEO services for my small business?

Seo for small businesses is critical since product and service searches are extremely geocentric, and customers always buy products and services from organizations that are close to them. Furthermore, the exposure of SME and startup websites lends credibility to your prospects and customers. In the case of professional search engine optimization services for small enterprises, the benefits far exceed the drawbacks. Some of the reasons why employing SEO services may be advantageous include:- Increase the number of customers

  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create user-friendly websites.
  • Avoiding Competition

When will SEO be able to provide me with results?

Search engine optimization services in Bangalore is about telling people what you do, where you are, and directing them to you. It all starts with geotagging your physical location and explaining your services or products. Optimization is the process of naturally linking and conveying the search engine to present your website based on the customer’s search. The top SEO company in Bangalore will analyze traffic by tracking the number of visitors and bounce rates using various software tools. A search engine optimization cycle typically takes 3-6 months to complete. By the end of an SEO cycle, you will have achieved your search engine optimization objectives.

Can I quit practicing SEO once my website has climbed to the top of the search engine rankings?

With the increasing competition in all verticals and Google’s ever-changing algorithm, it is not prudent to stop investing in professional search engine optimization services because maintaining a presence on the first page is impossible without ongoing SEO, which leads to the growth of a business and the growth of revenue, which justifies the minuscule investment that we make in search engine optimization.

How is SEO superior to PPC?

Pay-per-click is abbreviated as PPC. It refers to search engine advertising services. This places your website at the top of the search results for your desired keywords. Your ad campaign is set up and manga on a daily basis in this. You must also pay per click on your adverts.  You must pay for campaign setup, monthly or weekly administration fees, and pay per click in PPC. So PPC is far more expensive than SEO. SEO is a natural method. In SEO, there is no need to pay per click. Your website will always be visible for your target keywords. So Leads & Feeds is a digital marketing firm in Bangalore that offers both PPC and SEO services.