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Video Production

Video Production

Video marketing strategies increase website traffic by 84%, lead generation by 81%, and dwell time on websites by 80%.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Leads & Feeds is here to light up your video marketing strategy! Get ready to GLOW UP!

2D and 3D

2D – 3D Video Production

Are your ideas stuck in your head, feeling FLAT & TIRELESS? Let our team of TALENTED VIDEO PRODUCERS breathe life into them, and make them SPARKLE like never before!

Whether you’re looking for a 2D explainer video to showcase your product or service, or a fully immersive 3D animation to transport your audience to another world, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED. From concept to completion, our video production services will ensure that your vision is realized in the most captivating way possible.

So why settle for boring, flat content when you can have DYNAMIC AND ENGAGING videos that will leave a lasting impression on your audience?

Visual Effects (VFX)

Ready to enter a whole NEW DIMENSION of video production services? 

Let us sprinkle some magic dust on your videos, turning them into CINEMATIC MASTERPIECES that will have your viewers glued to their screens. We’ve got all the latest technology, so we can create just about anything your heart desires. Our team of intrepid VISUAL EFFECTS WIZARDS will create video content with the most MIND-BLOWING special effects you’ve ever seen! We’ve got everything from laser beams to exploding planets, and we know how to use them to make your videos POP!

We’ll make your dreams come true, ONE PIXEL AT A TIME!

Live Shoot

Live Shoot

A creative video has the power to CAPTIVATE AND ENGAGE its viewers like no other medium can. It can transport them to another world, evoke emotions, tell a story, and convey a message with impact. A well-crafted video can leave a lasting impression and can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Our EXPERT VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES make sure to bring life into your vision. Be it a corporate shoot, HR video, event coverage, or a brief client testimonial, a live-action video can be the most effective means of conveying a message, and we’ve got all the latest gear to capture every moment in STUNNING high-definition.


Ah, THE POWER OF A PODCAST! With its unique ability to educate, entertain, and engage, a podcast has the power to create a loyal following of fans who can’t get enough of your brand.

With the right combination of storytelling, humor, and insights, we can make your brand SHINE LIKE A STAR. We know just how to capture your UNIQUE VOICE and share it with the world. From crafting engaging scripts to editing and video production services, we handle everything with FINESSE & EXPERTISE. With our help, you’ll be able to create a podcast that will have your audience tuning in week after week, eager for more.